PRYR's Mission

To create a vast prayer network by storing, managing, and sharing the prayer requests of individuals within the network(s) they build. All of this is for the express purpose of glorifying God as individuals see Him answering prayers and working in their lives.

What is the purpose of PRYR?

To glorify God by building a dynamic and interactive prayer community and by keeping a record of God’s direct influence and connection in the lives of individuals.

Where did you get the name PRYR?

We have had the pleasure of knowing several missionaries around the world, and when serving in countries unsafe for followers of Christ, they have had to use certain “code” words when sending email updates. For instance, instead of typing “God,“ they might type “Dad,” and instead of typing “prayer,” they might type “pryr.”

Who should use PRYR?

Individuals, Bible study groups, small churches, and anyone else who wishes to journal their prayers and record God’s answers, creating an ongoing testimony of God’s faithfulness. One of the greatest advantages of this site is the ability to keep up with the prayers of others, see their updates in a central location, and pray and rejoice with them accordingly!

Why use PRYR?

You may have found that email doesn’t always cut it when it comes to sharing prayers with others and keeping track of those prayers and their outcomes – it’s simply not structured in such a way that updates and praise reports can be shared easily with an entire Bible study group; and it certainly isn’t the best way to keep a log of your own prayers and the legacy of God acting in your life. That’s where PRYR comes in – using this website, the originator of a prayer can update the status, add comments, and see the comments of others – and everyone who is a part of that PRYR group can see all of this as well, without the need to send out multiple emails, and without trying to remember all the prayers people mention to you by yourself. This way, everyone can see, and participate in, God’s work in an interactive and socially dynamic environment.

What does PRYR believe?

PRYR is founded on the Bible, which we believe to be the divinely inspired Word of God. We believe that God hears and answers all prayers, whether the answer be “yes,” “no,” or “wait.”

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