Frequently Asked Questions

Why use PRYR?

PRYR is simply a resource for connecting the body of Christ through prayer and helping you to pray more consistently, giving glory to God as He builds a legacy in your life that increases your faith and the faith of others. We recommend you only use it if it is helpful to you.

Who can see my prayers?

Each time you add a prayer, you will determine who can see it by selecting anyone, friends only, or private.

  • Anyone - Any person with a PRYR account can see your prayer.
  • Friends Only - Only those you have approved as friends on your account can see the prayer.
  • Friend List - **Coming Soon** Custom lists for specific users you wish to share your prayers with.
  • Private - Only you will be able to see these prayers.

Why would I mark a prayer as private?

The PRYR website not only helps the body of Christ engage in prayer for one another as a community; it also enables an individual to keep a private prayer journal for him or herself so that he or she can look back over time and see the history of God’s involvement in their lives.

What are the "types" I can specify when adding a prayer?

  • Standard - This is a typical prayer that has not yet been answered.
  • Time Sensitive - This is a prayer that occurs within a certain time frame, such as a job interview, mission trip, or surgery.
  • Journal - This is a prayer that has already been answered but that you want to log in your journal so you can keep a record of God’s legacy in your life.

What is the blue up-arrow to the right of each prayer?

  • If you click on the arrow, the number increases, indicating to the originator of the prayer how many people are currently praying for them.
  • Once you click on the arrow, you will also receive any updates the originator posts about this prayer, and you will be notified when the originator marks it as answered or closed.

Why update the status of my prayer?

If your prayer is public, it enables your friends and others to pray more specifically for you. If your prayer is private, it enables you to keep a record or journal of God’s involvement in your life.

What is my prayer feed?

It includes all prayers posted by friends (unless marked private) and anyone else who marks his or her prayers as public.

How can I use this for my Bible study group?

When you create a PRYR group the members of that group can privately share prayers with one another, share updates, and track the status of the prayer. Anyone can create a group and invite their friends to the group.

How do I contact you with questions, comments, or concerns?

Please email us at servant at at any time!

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